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can you play it on a chromebook

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this is my first time how do you  run it😬😬😅😅

can one of you tell me how


Yo, I wanna get this game but my pc is a piece of shit and says it's a dangerous file. idk what to do now


Make gem blast two with more gems

It’s very hard work to make these kinds of games, so I doubt there’ll be a second version. Although since I’m not on the team, I can’t say for sure.


Android version plz

yo is this game safe? cuz i downloaded it,opened it and now it says it could put my pc at risk

I tried to download and whenever I attempt to launch the game it says that "Gem-Blast.exe is missing" help?


Please do more scenes with Amethyst! Like doggystyle, missionary, just more scenes with her and include that butt of hers in it.


Is anyone else having trouble downloading


Are you planning on releasing more updates for this? If so, will there be any extra characters or will you just be sticking with the original 3 crystal gems?

We are launching an updating pretty soon. You can check our patreon for an update about extra characters.

cant wait!

ah i just realised i dont have a credit card or paypal so i cant get access to all the good content. :(


how i can open this file on kali linux?

Are you using winewrapper?


we need peridot. peridot. peridot. PERIDOT!!!!


ye, we need the green dorito

i StUCk mY dIcK iN a BaG o' dOrItOs


This was fantastic and I really hope you continue with this!


It's a nice start, you have a "rough gem" here... bad joke, I know. I want more of this game~